• Premium Smoked Paprika - SWEET -   DOP Pimenton de la Vera - La Dalia
  • Premium Smoked Paprika - SWEET -   DOP Pimenton de la Vera - La Dalia
  • Premium Smoked Paprika - SWEET -   DOP Pimenton de la Vera - La Dalia

HOT - Premium Smoked Paprika - D.O.P. Pimenton de la Vera - La Dalia

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The Paprika  from la Vera is ideal for seasoning your dishes and preparations such as sauces, creams, stews or salads, providing its characteristic smoked flavor

  • Hot Smoked Paprika (70g) : Pronunced itching on the palate. Made with de Jeromin,Jaiza and Jaranda varietes.

Presentation: Tin net weight 70g (2.469oz)

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The product obtained from the grinding of totally red fruits is protected, of the varieties of the "Ocales" group (Jaranda, Jariza and Jeromín), and of the Bola variety, belonging to the Capsicum annum L. and Capsicum longum L. species. , harvested ripe, healthy, clean, with the characteristic color of the variety, free from attacks by pests or diseases, dried with oak and / or oak firewood, using the traditional Vera system, and that come from the production area delimited.

The "Pimentón de la Vera" is a product with a smoky, intense and penetrating flavor and aroma, due to the smoke-drying process that the peppers are subjected to. As for its coloration, it is intense red with relative brightness. It has a high coloring power, higher in the varieties of the Ocales group than in the Bola variety. Both its flavor, aroma and color are highly stable over time, mainly due to the slow and gentle dehydration process used.

According to its flavor we can establish three groups of peppers:

Sweet  Smoked Paprika (70g): mild in flavor, totally sweet. Made with the Bola and Jaranda varieties.

Bittersweet Smoket Paprika (70g): mildly spicy on the palate. Made with the Jaranda and Jariza varieties.

Hot  Smoked Paprika (70g): pronounced itching on the palate. Made with the Jeromín, Jariza and Jaranda varieties.

Geographic Zone:

The pepper production area for the production of paprika protected by the Protected Designation of Origin "Pimentón de la Vera", is constituted by the municipalities of the natural regions of La Vera, Campo Arañuelo, Valle del Ambroz and Valle del Alagón, in the North of the province of Cáceres -Spain-.

Management Body

Regulatory Council of the P.D.O. "Pimentón de La Vera". Cáceres-Spain

La Dalia