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The Iberian Cebo shoulder comes from 50% Iberian pigs - crossed Iberians - fed with cereals and feed.





The Iberian Cebo Shoulder comes from pigs of 50% Iberian breed - crossed with Iberian and Duroc- pigs fed with cereals and feed, a great quality ham at an unbeatable price.

This palette has spent a year in dryers in the Sierra de Huelva and at least another year in the cellar finishing its cure

·         We offer this Shoulder  Ham in Three Formats:

COMPLETE PIECE; where the ham is sent as it is in the natural cellars of our producer in the Sierra de Jabugo and according to the weight that interests you. It will arrive in a case and a normal transport box.

BONELESS; where the ham is cleaned its outer crust, removed from the bone, chopped according to the client's taste and vacuum packed.

LUNCHING; by professional knife cutting in comfortable envelopes and vacuum packaging. The preparation of this training has a delay for the work that entails


The yield is the amount of slices or meat, in proportion to the weight of the ham or shoulder, which is obtained once we have finished cutting it. This performance is measured in percent. This percentage is not an exact figure, since the performance of each ham is different depending on several factors. As a general rule in an Iberian Ham it is 45% and 35% of an Iberian Shoulder

NOTE : The pieces of Iberian Ham and Shoulders  are reserved and preserved  in the facilities of our suppliers in Spain, maintaining a perfect degree of curing  and quality. Weekly we receive merchandise and before its shipment each piece is tasted by the HAM MASTER, which guarantees the quality and optimal curing of each piece. This sometimes involves a slight delay in shipping transit.


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