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This Chorizo stems from the 100% Iberian pigs which are reared in oak meadows, where they feed solely on acorns for 4 or 5 months on the Montanera time





The  Iberian acorn-fed Chorizo ​​is a product made from the highest quality lean parts, selected exclusively for the production of chorizo. The secret of its quality is in the meat, which is then seasoned, to give it its final touch of flavor, with paprika and spices, according to the traditional recipes of Salamanca area.

The selection of lean from our  Iberian acorn-fed pigs is carried out by our Ham Master, after each slaughter. The meat is cleaned exceptionally, so that the only fat left is that which is infiltrated in the lean itself. Being Iberian acorn-fed pork, this is more than enough to give it its characteristic texture and flavor, without in any case the addition of fats from another source being necessary, as is usual in the sector.

This is what gives sausages their exceptional quality and flavor, unique in the market. And let's not forget that, from the point of view of health, it makes it a healthier product, since the only fat it has is that from the acorn, the base of our  Iberian pigs.

After more than three months under the expert care, the chorizo ​​is ready for consumption! An experience at the height of the best palates!

In pieces format it is whole or average. The weights of the whole loin rods weigh around 1 kg. and the average 0.5 kg. Vacuum packaging allows the piece to be preserved for 12 months as long as it is in a cool place.


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