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Acorn-fed Iberian Morcón made with selected meats of loin, presa and steak and traditional Jabugo dressings.





Acorn-fed Iberian Morcón is made with meats, selected from presa, sirloin and loin with low fat and seasoned with spices, its natural curing process is slower, ranging from three to four months. Recommended consumption always at room temperature to get all the flavor and aroma of the product. Regarding the cut, being the large slice, each one can be cut in two to three pieces for a perfect presentation. A thin thickness such as loin and other sausages is recommended

In pieces format it is whole or average. The weights of the whole loin rods weigh around 1 kg. and the average 0.5 kg. Vacuum packaging allows the piece to be preserved for 12 months as long as it is in a cool place.


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Iberico Ham
D.P.O. Jabugo

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