Sliced Acorn-fed Iberian Salchichón - Guijuelo
  • Sliced Acorn-fed Iberian Salchichón - Guijuelo

SALCHICHON I Sliced Acorn-fed Iberian Salchichón - Guijuelo

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Sliced sausage from Iberian pigs fed on acorns in the "Montanera" time.

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Made from the lean parts of these Iberian pigs, their flavor, texture and aroma will leave you surprised. The secret of its quality is in the meat, carefully selected and cleaned after the slaughter, under the expert gaze of our Ham Master. The excellent texture and quality of this meat makes it possible for our sausage to be manufactured without adding any fat from another source. Our sausage only contains the fat infiltrated in the lean itself. A fat like that of Iberian acorn-fed ham, mainly composed of oleic acid from the acorn-based diet, a healthy fat with an incomparable flavor

·         We offer this salchichón ibérico sliced vacuum packed in sachets of 100 gr.

Ingredients: Iberico acorn-fed pork, salt, pepper, nutmeg, dextrose, emulsifiers E-450i, E-452i, antioxidant E-331, E-301 and preservatives E-252 and E-250.

Nutritional values per 100g: Energy: 1699 KJ / 410Kcal Fat: 33g of which saturated: 13.4g H. of Carbon: 0.9g of which sugars: 0.8g Proteins: 27g Salt: 1.9g


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