Sybarite Ham Knife 25cm - Quttin-lalolagourmet
  • Sybarite Ham Knife 25cm - Quttin-lalolagourmet
  • Sybarite Ham Knife 25cm - Quttin-lalolagourmet
  • Sybarite Ham Knife 25cm - Quttin-lalolagourmet
  • Sybarite Ham Knife 25cm - Quttin-lalolagourmet

Sybarite Ham Knife 25cm - Quttin


Ham knife with a blade length of 25cm, acetal resin handle (POM) and stainless steel rivets. This Knife is a classic in your kitchen. Flexible and very manageable. Ergonomic and extra sharp handle especially for cutting ham and other large pieces of meat

We recommend always using on a wood or plastic food board to protect the life of the edge.

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Steel Blade 1.8 mm. 420 stainless steel with MOVA (Molybdenum and Vanadium). Molybdenum and vanadium are two chemical elements that give the steel alloy extra strength. The purpose of this resistance is to make the cutting edge last much longer. Vanadium adds extra toughness to the steel of the knife. Also these two elements ensure that the hardness of the steel is increased, so the blade is much more resistant to traction, blows and durability of sharpening. The knife needs to be sharpened less frequently.

The blades have been ground with the latest technology in laser controlled CNC machinery.

All our knives include a basic sharpening plus an extra sharpening that consists of sharpening on water stones to avoid heating the edge with the consequent loss of temper in the area. Afterwards, all the edges are polished by hand to eliminate all kinds of imperfections that may be in the most critical area of ​​the knife blade.

Handle made of a high-tech resin called POM. POM is a technical resin highly appreciated in the industrial world for its strength, stability and durability.

The stainless steel rivets are the maximum guarantee to prevent the handle from separating from the knife blade. We can also guarantee that the steel rivets are fully resistant to rust. In this way we avoid the presence of unwanted stains on the surface of the handle.

Recommended for regular use in the kitchen, both domestic and industrial, it can be considered an authentic knife for professional use, designed in Albacete, Spain


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