Trevelez Ham Protected Geographical Indicatión. ( + 20 months).
  • Trevelez Ham Protected Geographical Indicatión. ( + 20 months).
  • Trevelez Ham Protected Geographical Indicatión. ( + 17 months).


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Jamón of Trevélez -Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)-. Our hams are cured at 1700 m. of altitude at the foot of the Mulhacen, in the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, in the heart of the Alpujarra of Granada. Slow ripening in a natural dryer and resting in the cellar.





Trevélez Ham - Granada - cured in the Sierra of Alpujarra for 20 months. Product protected by the  Protected Geographical Indication - PGI Jamón de Trevélez-.



The ham comes from pigs obtained at Landrace, Large-Wite and Duroc Jersey breeds. Only those pieces that come from castrated males and females are used.



Rounded shape, with a crust and leg of reddish color and bright cut, partially infiltrated fat in muscle mass, delicate flavor meat, very low salt content (between 0 and 5% guaranteed), selecting soft fatty meat consistency and yellowish color, Smooth taste and extremely pleasant to the palate.



Pork ham and sea salt.



The ham is made in natural conditions. It does not include in its elaboration neither preservatives nor dyes nor any type of accelerant. The Regulating Council of the Ham of Trevélez controls and guarantees this elaboration process, to which only companies registered in it belong.


§  This Ham is offered in Three Formats:


COMPLETE PIECE; where the ham is sent as it is in the natural cellar of our producer in the Sierra of Alpujarra .

BONELESS; where the ham is cleaned its outer sking, removed the bone, chopped according to the client's taste and vacuum packed.

LUNCHING; by professional knife cutter, and presented in easy vacuum-packed envelopes. 


The yield is the amount of slices or meat, in proportion to the weight of the ham or shoulder, which is obtained once we have finished cutting it. This performance is measured in percent. This percentage is not an exact figure, since the performance of each ham is different depending on several factors. As a general rule, a white pork ham is 45% and a white pork shoulder 35%


NOTE: The pieces of Hams of Trevélez are preserved and reserved in the facilities of our suppliers in Spain. Maintaining a perfect degree of curing and quality. We receive merchandise weekly and before shipment each piece is tasted by the HAM MASTER. This sometimes implies a slight delay in the transit of the shipment, but guarantees us an optimum quality and cure of each piece.


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