• Boneless -Spanish Serrano Ham Trevelez I.G.P (5 kg)  Red Label  / Aromas de la Alpujarra

Boneless Spanish Serrano Ham Reserva (5 kg) Aromas de la Alpujarra

Boneless Spanish Serrano Ham Reserva  , with more than 16 months of natural curing - Aromas of the Alpujarra - Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)-. In the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, at an altitude of 1.250 m, is the town of Juviles and in this incomparable setting, the Alpujarra Aromas Ham drying sheds

Presentation: Boneless ham, vacuum packed, in two halves that are equivalent to the complete piece. 5 kg approximately.

Serrano  Ham  Reserva , cured for more than 16 months  - AROMAS JAMON DE LA ALPUJARRA -Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)-.  In the heart of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, the town of Juviles is located at an altitude of 1,250 m, and in this incomparable setting, the Aromas de la Alpujarra  ham dryers. This privileged natural enclave allows the proliferation of the rich and varied flora of the entire Alpujarra Alta region. These unique characteristics decisively influence the Natural Curing of our hams, their aroma and the characteristic color of their cut. We are sure that you will enjoy savoring a thin slice loaded with delicate nuances. A real pleasure for your senses


Origin.- The ham comes from pigs obtained at Landrace, Large-Wite and Duroc Jersey breeds. Only those pieces that come from castrated males and females are used


Ham Features.-  Rounded shape, with a crust and leg of reddish color and bright cut, partially infiltrated fat in muscle mass, delicate flavor meat, very low salt content (between 0 and 5% guaranteed), selecting soft fatty meat consistency and yellowish color, Smooth taste and extremely pleasant to the palate. Composition.- Pork ham and sea salt


Elaboration.-  The ham is made in natural conditions. It does not include in its elaboration neither preservatives nor dyes nor any type of accelerant, gluten free.